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The saying about still waters running deep cannot be truer when it comes to figuring out a Pisces women. Astrologists claim that the Pisces woman is known for being the sensual type. This is coupled with an ability to maintain a mysterious aura about her. She has a strong imagination, and often has an inclination towards the arts. To learn more about what Astrologists believe about the Pisces women, keep reading.

Distracted But Intuitive

Their tendency to be distracted listeners can make it frustrating to have Pisces women as friends. However, despite her habit of getting lost in her own world, a Pisces friend can be one of the most intuitive friends you will have. She will learn to read your moods, and can offer comfort intuitively, even before you open up. Pisces girlfriends are a shoulder to lean on, and will always be ready to help you drown your sorrows in large tubs of ice cream or other comfort foods.

Loose and Laid-Back Fashion

It will be rare to find a Pisces woman who likes to dress up in tight leather or anything that hugs the body. Since the Pisces sign is a water sign, the Pisces woman is more like a mermaid who likes loose and natural clothes. Silk and chiffon garments, which flow on her body, are something that you are likely to find in the Pisces woman’s wardrobe. She also loves shimmering jewelry made from natural stones like amethyst.

Courtship and Romance

Any man who has found himself enchanted with a Pisces mermaid will need to understand that wooing this woman will require proper courtship. When looking for a Pisces women explanation when it comes to love, you need to understand that these women are quite whimsical when it comes to love and romance. Love letters, serenades, and poetry are all good ways to her heart. A man who is tender, mysterious, and strong enough to protect her is her best match.

Keeping a Pisces Woman

Achieving a full Pisces women explanation is difficult since they are probably the most challenging to interpret among all the signs. If you are in a relationship with a Pisces woman then you should know how important it is to be fully truthful with her. She expects her Prince Charming to be someone who can be honest with her and devote himself to her completely, and who can stay sweet and thoughtful through the years. If she is denied this kind of attention, the Pisces woman is likely to retreat to her fantasy world, and she can become distant.

The Pisces woman can be likened to a mermaid or the proverbial princess in the tower. Despite these cliche images, achieving a Pisces women explanation is more difficult than you think. In fact, among all the astrological signs of females, Pisces may be the toughest to interpret. The Pisces woman is closest to the element of water, which means there is a greater depth underneath her calm surface. She is also prone to fantasies, and requires a relationship full of romance and affection.

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